Tilt & Slide Doors

Tilt & Slide Doors

Tilt & Slide Doors are manufactured by Euroglaze to the highest standards. Doors are manufactured to customer specification in our popular white or from a wide choice of wood foils.

Multi Fold Doors

Multi Fold Doors

The REHAU Multi-Fold Door is available in the S706 70mm profile. Great appearance and advanced performance mean inevitable demand for a modern and sophisticated door system full of benefits. The REHAU Multi-Fold Door boasts superior design and engineering to complement outstanding versatility.

French Doors

French Doors

Euroglaze offers a dedicated French Door outer frame profile for the REHAU S706 and REHAU Edge 70mm door system. Euroglaze manufacture only for the Trade and offer the highest quality lowest price French Doors available in the UK today.

Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Composite Doors make an excellent choice for both replacement and new build installations. Euroglaze manufacture only for the Trade and offer the highest quality lowest price Rehau Composite Doors available in the UK today.


Rehau Doors

Specify REHAU doors from Euroglaze and you get more than thirty years of experience from one of the country’s top manufacturers of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories. Our range of doors include Composite Doors, French Doors, Multi Fold Doors and Tilt & Slide Doors. Whatever the job, whatever the property, we’ve got the perfect door.

Euroglaze is a large UK based door fabricator and manufacturer of Composite Doors, French Doors, Multi Fold Doors and Tilt & Slide Doors which make an excellent choice for both replacement and new build installations...

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Should you choose REHAU S706 Door Profile or REHAU Edge Door Profile? REHAU’s 70mm window and door systems are simply beautiful, contemporary frames, whereas REHAU Edge products are fully sculptured...

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Colouring PVCu doors and door systems no longer presents a problem with REHAU’s innovative colour coating system Acryl II. With over 150 different colours available to the specifier, PVCu products can be coated to blend...

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We have invested in the latest technology, lean manufacturing processes and workforce training to provide the best possible product quality PVCu Doors and customer service. In fact our passion for quality means that only 0.3% of our products are rejected either internally or externally, and we’re working hard to reduce that figure even further. In addition to our doors we offer the best Door Profiles on the market.

We are equally passionate about making sure all our doors and processes are supplied right first time and that dealing with Euroglaze. We have a capacity to manufacture over 1,000 PVCu doors each week in a wide range of door profiles, sizes, types and colours.

Secure By Design Quality Rehau Doors

Secure Rehau Doors

Our involvement in the commercial door market has led us to develop a range of products that meet the gruelling Secured by Design standards, an initiative developed by the Police. With their toughened screws, thicker gauge steel and corner reinforcements, these super-sturdy door frames really are significantly stronger than standard door frames. Our doors are tested to withstand thousands of Newtons of force, making them tough enough to make even the most persistent thief look for another target.

Rehau Door Hinges

  • We use Fab ‘n’ Fix butt hinges as standard, but can also supply Fab ‘n’ Fix Flag Hinges and Trojan Flag Hinges used in our Secured by Design units
  • As you might expect from a flag hinge, they offer an extra level of adjustment
  • Both Fab ‘n’ Fix and Trojan are available in a wide range of colours

Door Foils

Our Edge and S706 suites come in mahogany, rosewood and golden oak foiled finishes. Plus Rehau is now offering an increasing range of coloured foils Get in touch to find out exactly what’s available. Whatever colour they pick, your customers can choose either the fully foiled product on a matching base profile, or foiled one side and white on the other. All our foils come with a 5-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Rehau Door Locks

  • All our doors are fitted with MACO locks
  • Choose from four roller-cams, two hook, two hook and bolts and four hook configurations
  • We carry a full range of split spindle locks, panic bars and push pads
  • Anti-bump, Anti-snap and Anti-drill cyclinder options are available
  • Whatever your customers want, the chances are we can help

Rehau Door Furniture

  • We use Fab ‘n’ Fix furniture for all windows, tilt and turn and door ranges
  • Fab ‘n’ Fix furniture comes in a range of colours to match your customer’s tastes and is fully suited
  • Wide range of high quality PVCu door furniture