Door Profiles

Should you choose REHAU S706 Door Profile or REHAU Edge Door Profile? REHAU’s 70mm window and door systems are simply beautiful, contemporary frames, whereas REHAU Edge products are fully sculptured window and door systems for the more style-conscious home-owner or developer. You should choose the windows or doors you feel would best complement your space but as both are made from durable pvcu, they also help to:

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Door Profiles

Save Heat & Energy With Our Door Profiles

Much of the heat loss from a building occurs through glazing. The three-chamber design of the REHAU 70mm and REHAU Edge collections enable your home to enjoy greater thermal efficiency. Your new REHAU 70mm and Edge window and door systems can be made more energy-efficient to achieve a Certas* energy rating from C to A (the highest possible rating) depending on the specification you choose, and keep your home warmer and draught-free, as well as saving you money on heating bills. Contact us for more details.

Safeguard Your Home

REHAU Edge and 70mm door systems have been awarded the BS7950 and PAS 23/24 window and door security standards and are designed with ample internal chambers, which enable the installation of larger steel reinforcements for increased rigidity and strength. This helps to make your home more secure.

Not only have we been making uPVC doors for over 30 years, we are also REHAU’s longest standing UK fabricator. The length and strength of our relationship speaks for itself. In terms of profiles, we stock a comprehensive range of the market-leading 70mm REHAU system in both the fully chamfered S706 suite and the fully sculptured Edge suite. Whatever your customers are looking for, the chances are we can help with a choice of two excellent robust Door Profiles, the S706 system and the Edge System.

Door Profiles

s706 Door Profile

The clean, stylish lines of the S706 Door Profile make it the number one choice for many people. It is not only attractive, the S706 also has a proven record of performance and is ideal for any job - from a mall fixed light to glazing an entire building. It is also 100% compatible with the REHAU fully reversible system and structural products that help with commercial specifications. Click here for more information on this window profile.

Edge Door Profile

The beautiful REHAU Edge Door Profile system is a fully sculptured suite of 70mm profiles. It offers curved sightlines which are perfect for situations where customers want to soften the appearance of the frames in their home. Like the S706 Door Profile system, the REHAU Edge maintains the very highest standards of strength and quality. Click here for more information on this window profile.

For the highest quality PVCu Door Profile profiles call our sales team on 01226 702553, send an email or use the enquiry form to contact us about your requirements.