REHAU Composite Doors

Euroglaze offers a dedicated Composite Door outer frame profile for the REHAU S706/REHAU Edge 70mm window/door system. Euroglaze manufacture only for the Trade and offer the highest quality lowest price Composite Doors available in the UK today. The outer frame profile is suitable for use with a standard 44mm door blank, and has an extra wide glazing up stand which gives a 2mm closing seal gap. The profile is designed to take two brush piles for weather performance.

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Composite Doors

Key Characteristics

  • Choice of chamfered profiles using S706 Door Profile or fully sculptured using the REHAU Edge Door Profile system
  • Insulation Complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations covering Conservation of Fuel and Power
  • Part L (England and Wales) and Part J (Scotland) when glazed using the correct type of sealed unit
  • Sound insulation is dependent on glazing specification.
  • Fittings and Hardware - Can accommodate most standard locking mechanism including high security bolt systems
  • Flag or butt hinges - Manufacturers recommendations on maintenance should be followed
  • Glazing - 4mm to 42mm glazing - Glazing depth can be extended to 42mm
  • Must be fitted with safety glass, which meets BS 6262
  • Dry glazing with glazing bead and gasket or a co-extruded glazing bead
  • Choice of sloped or sculptured beads- Low level glazing option available


Available in white, mahogany, rosewood and golden oak on both sides as standard. For other non-standard laminate options and the range of RAL colours available using our Acryl II colour system.


Fully reinforced sash using galvanised steel Pre-routed on locking side ensures continuous reinforcement. REHAU's innovative weldable corner joint system can be incorporated to increase rigidity of the door. For more information please consult our Reinforcement Guidelines ref. 700.620E. and 706.695EN.

Profile Choices

Choice of chamfered profiles using REHAU S706 Door Profile or fully sculptured using the REHAU Edge Door Profile system available in open-in and open-out styles for a variety of installations. Compatible with casement, fully reversible, pivot and tilt/turn windows and French tilt/slide and Multi-Fold doors. Can be incorporated into conservatory designs.

Fittings and Hardware

The S706 Window Profile system can accommodate A wide range of friction stays including egress hinges both espagnolette and shoot-bolt locking mechanisms. Manufacturers recommendations on maintenance should be followed.

For the highest quality Composite Doors call our sales team on 01226 702553, send an email or use the enquiry form to contact us about your requirements.