PVCu Coloured Doors

Colouring PVCu doors and door systems no longer presents a problem with REHAU’s innovative colour coating system Acryl II. With over 150 different colours available to the specifier, uPVC products can be coated to blend beautifully with the design of any building. Acryl II is colour fast, weather and scratch-resistant. Originally developed by REHAU’s Automotive Division, Acryl II has already proved its durability on the bumpers of prestige cars such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar.

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PVCu Coloured Doors

The system allows for optimum versatility and creative use of colour. For example, the frame and the sash or the inside and the outside can be finished in two different colours. Alternatively, sills or beading can be finished to contrast with the frame. Due to the flexibility of the system it is suitable for both small and large-scale installations.

Coating with Acryl II involves tightly controlled preparation, application of the cross-linking polyurethane acrylic by wet spray and then air curing. As a two-part acrylic coating process, it can be applied to both ready-fabricated window frames and doors or bar length window and door profile. Acryl II coating does not affect the impact resistance of the uPVC. Like all REHAU products, Acryl II is of the highest quality, providing the perfect finish to any building.

REHAU offers a full colour palette so that we are able to offer finishes that perfectly complement each unique commercial and domestic environment. With such a wide range of colours to hand, every product and finish you choose can be tailored to your design requirement. Your guide to our full palette of Acryl II colours is below to make choosing the perfect finish to your Euroglaze solution even easier. Should you require any help with making your final choice, the sales team will always be delighted to assist you.

Euroglaze have a range of standard laminate options. For most systems they are mahogany, golden oak and rosewood on white and mahogany, rosewood and golden oak both sides. A further range of 7 wood grain and 10 colour non-standard laminate options are available to special order. Laminate can be applied to the inside or outside or both sides of white base profile and to both sides of brown and acorn base profiles. The finish is colourfast, weather resistant and durable. Due to the complexity of the process lamination is best suited to large volume installations in the same colour.

Golden Oak PVCu
Rosewood PVCu
Mahogony PVCu

For the highest quality PVCu Colour Profiles call our sales team on 01226 702553, send an email or use the enquiry form to contact us about your requirements.